Frequently Asked Questions about responsible travel and sustainable tourism.


How can my visit help local families in need?

By making sure that some of the money you spend goes in to the local economy. For example, by buying authentic local crafts or eating and drinking in locally-owned cafes, bars and restaurants.


How can my visit help protect the natural environment?

By doing your bit to conserve water and energy and reduce waste whilst on holiday.


Why do we need to do anything?

The concern over climate change is growing. Because international tourism continues to grow dramatically and this is putting more and more pressure on the destinations we love to visit. We must all do simple things now in order to protect the beautiful places in the world for ourselves and for future generations.

Hire a car only if you need to. Using public transport, bicycles and walking are ‘environmentally friendlier’ alternatives and a great way of meeting local people

What will be different next time I take a holiday?

You may not notice a difference immediately. Some of the changes will take time to be fully implemented and others may not be immediately obvious to visitors (you may not always see the benefit your visit gives to local families in need). Ask your hotel or accommodation what they are doing to help with responsible travel and sustainable tourism, be it with energy conservation or sourcing products and services from the local area.


Can responsible travel and sustainable tourism be part of mass tourism (all-inclusive packages)?

Yes –  since the principles of responsible travel and sustainable tourism, based on three key pillars – the environment, communities and local culture, and the economy – are applicable to all forms of tourism (including mass tourism), and all destinations.


What is a carbon footprint?
The carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an (individual, event, organisation, product).