Thinking of travelling around Europe?

Take the train whenever possible.

Train travel is a great way to see a destination and has a much lower carbon impact than flying. According to Eurostar’s head of environment and energy Louisa Bell, “high-speed rail achieves an immediate 90 per cent cut in journey emissions based on research which has shown that a Eurostar trip generates just 10 per cent of the c02 emisissions of an equivalent flight”.

It may initially seem that you’ll spend longer travelling if you are on the train, but when you factor in the hours spent at the airport waiting to get on and off your flight, then add on the time it takes to travel to and from an airport – there may not be that much of a difference in time.

Rail travel is eco-friendly, a train generates around 10 times less the amount of C02 emissions per passenger than planes. And European rail networks are expanding – in some countries trains can hit speeds of over 150mph.

Lastly, don’t forget perhaps the greatest advantage of travelling by train – the scenery that you’ll see is a great lure. Europe is beautiful. Whether it be hills, lakes or the urban sprawls of its cities, taking some great rail journeys can be a holiday experience in itself.

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