Fly Smart with Travel Matters

By flying smart you can take responsibility for your carbon emissions and encourage the airlines and airports to exercise their responsibility.

Choose the most carbon efficient carriers at our Carbon Friendly Flight Search

The Carbon Friendly Flight Finder is a joint initiative from Global Travel Market, The Carbon Consultancy and the ICRT to help support carbon efficient travel choices. Revenues generated by using this flight will go to TravelPledge, who are committed to funding projects supporting local communities adapting to the impacts of global warming.

Follow Travel Matters’ three steps to FlySmart

1. Fly less – take the train wherever possible, reduce your air miles for leisure and work.

2. Fly more carbon efficiently – make purchasing choices will encourage airlines to reduce their emissions.
– Fly direct
– Choose a charter flight or economy – your emissions will generally be less
– Carry less baggage
– Fly with airlines that fill their planes

3. TravelPledge provides a non-profit alternative to carbon offsetting, providing you with a choice of initiatives which address the causes of climate change or assist communities to adapt to climate change, change caused in part by your travel.